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We navigate our lives creating stories based from our experiences. It’s a natural effort people make to try to make sense of their places in the world.

I'm inspired by human nature. I’m fascinated by the way people’s interactions with their surroundings influence emotional and mental states, both in dreaming and in waking life. I love thinking about how our cumulative experiences, whether with person, place or thing, shape the lenses we use to understand how we and others think and behave, just as they actively shape those around us. And though this is something we all know by virtue of being human, I still can't help but be blown away and moved by how all of these experiences and influences become the building blocks for the narratives and systems of belief we create for ourselves to understand the world we exist in. 

On the same token, I'm equally fascinated by the human figure and how the body becomes a physical archive of the experiences each individual has lived. Every muscle, fold and scar telling as much about a person as the way they move and carry themself. 

And so it is, just like any curious child, my work as an artist is just a compulsive exploration of stories, old, new, and still blossoming. My personal work explores the narratives and symbols that move me. My commercial work explores the stories that my Clients want to convey, and my figurative studies explore the stories of lived bodies.


All I hope is for people to find love in the stories unfolding around us and to be happy knowing that existence is just another mythology filled with endless possibility.

And sometimes (a lot of times) I make things just for fun, because creativity can't exist without play.

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