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In addition to working on commissions and personal paintings, I make a living as a freelance sketch artist in the entertainment industry. This work typically takes place during the ‘Key Art’ phase of a project, when concepts are developed for what kinds of imagery and storytelling should be used in the advertising campaigns for a new film or tv project.

I have had the pleasure of working on projects for Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney and AppleTV among others, and as a sketch artist, I get the exciting job of drafting out the initial concepts for what a movie poster or billboard might look like so that Clients can weigh out their options and see what direction they want their marketing campaigns to go. 

While I am unfortunately not at liberty to show the actual agency sketches I’ve done due to very careful nondisclosure agreements, below are some general samples I created to showcase the nature of the work that I do. For those who are curious about learning more about this line of work, I hope this offers a little window into what an illustrator in the entertainment industry might be tasked with creating.

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